The invisible nuclear plant

Shiftless is a two year photographic work in the places around the disused nuclear plant of Garigliano in Italy, which takes the name from the important river running along before going all the way to the sea.

Closed for maintenance in 1982, the plant doesn't show on the maps as it turned out to be "unauthorized" since raised on agricultural land.
Nowadays it contains 3000 cubic meters of nuclear wastes inside concrete blocks, part of them stocked underground in plastic bags.

The nuclear presence is in everything, in the empty houses, in the vegetation, in the carcasses lying in the fields, in the waters and in those barely visible human life efforts.
The atmosphere is of a nuclearized, deserted place, witness of a past which, as invisible as the plant, lingers in the present.

Staring at the broken caravans windows, the withered palms, the swinging neon lights from the knocked down walls, gives you a sense of inertia, of shiftlessness.
A beautiful land full of potential, victim of man's carelessness.

The river gets into the sea, the waves retracting show on the shore an impressive mass of wastes of any kind.
They are symbols that "nature always gives back what received".

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